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Index of physical volume of GDP in Kazakhstan amounted to KZT 31 tln

The index of physical volume (IPV) of the gross domestic product (GDP) in Kazakhstan in January-September 2016 has amounted to 31 231 348.1 million tenge.
Kazakhstan17 November , 10:56

According to the Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy, at the same time the index of physical volume of GDP compared to the corresponding period of the previous year amounted to 100.4%.

In the GDP the share of manufacturing goods is 36.9%, services - 56.7%.

In addition, it is reported that 1456 043.0 million tenge is the volume of the GDP in agriculture. 8204 353.3 million tenge falls on the share of industry, 1832 675.7 million tenge – the construction sector.