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Membrane treatment facilities established within public-private partnership in Kyzylorda

Joint venture "Kazros Innovation" implemented project on installation of membrane treatment facilities in four rural areas of Zhanakorgan district, the press service of Kyzylorda region reports.
Kyzylorda05 December , 09:31

Membrane treatment facilities were installed in Uzgent, Aksuat, Zhanaaryk and Baykenzhe rural areas in Zhanakorgan district. In these settlements to the present time, the question of providing the population with quality drinking water is the most urgent," a statement reads.

The company "Kazros Innovation" within charity action installed membrane treatment facilities in the orphanage (Kyzylorda), as well as in the houses of low-income family and veteran of the Great Patriotic War in Zhanakorgan village.

"Kazros Innovation" was created as a joint project between the company “Water LAB KZ” and the National Company "Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation "Baikonur" in order to implement the project to create the production of membrane plants for water treatment using innovative and highly efficient technologies.