Mangistau rgn works on infrastructure development

As part of the Infrastructure Development, Mangistau region commission kindergartens and schools, the Governor's office reports.
Mangystau15 August , 14:52

This year, Beineu district, Mangistau region is working on the construction of 40-seats kindergarten in Tolep village, water treatment plant and pipeline, 4-apartment house and roads in Beineu village. On the eve of the new academic year, Beyneu village will commission secondary school for 900 seats. It is also planned to complete the reconstruction of the "Syngyrlau-You-Nogayty-Turishev" road.

The total amount of the budget of Karakiya district is 12 billion tenge. The district is implementing a number of major projects, including the construction of the five semi-detached housesnat the Bolashak station, supply electricity and gas networks for newly built apartment houses in Kuryk and Bostan villages, the construction of four sewage purification units. The region also started the construction of a dormitory for 550 workers in the town, district's roads and 280-seats kindergarten in Zhetybai village.

In addition, earlier Mangistau region put into operation a kindergarten for 65 seats, constructed 4-room apartment houses in Onda, Akshymyrau, Zharmysh, Tuschykuduk, Zhyngyldy villages and drainage system in Zharmysh village. The large-scale work on the construction of the road "Shetpe" and district's roads Shaiyr and Sayotes is being continued.

Over the past three years Tupkaragan district's budget has doubled to 9 billion tenge. For the first six months 3 kindergartens with 150 seats were opened. Akshukur and Saiyn Shapagat villages are being intensively developed. Residential buildings are supplied with electricity and gas infrastructure, the construction of the tank and the water pipes.

The Governor's office reports that the leader in terms of natural increase and migration is Munaily district. 

This year, the construction of the engineering infrastructure of the "Emir" neighborhood in Batyr village, work to provide the centralized water and gas to Bayandy-3 Baskudyk, Atameken, Batir villages continues. Bayandy, Mangistau, Batyr, Jean Daulet and Kyzyltobe settlements build roads, and 10 autonomous heating boilers in the villages of Mangistau.

Zhanaozen continued implementation of a comprehensive development plan. Since the start of the program 49 billion tenge were sent for the development. The city is working to upgrade water, heat, gas and electricity.