Deputies of Kazakh Parliament went on vacation

The deputies of the Senate and Majilis of the Kazakh Parliament of the VI convocation have gone on vacation.
Nur-Sultan30 June , 11:56

"One more event this year is the 20th anniversary of the establishment of our Parliament with two chambers. During this period, the Parliament has adopted more than 2,500 laws and became the highest representative organization. This effectively serves our people and our state. Now on the way of entering the top 30 developed countries the Head of State presents us with enormous challenges and goals, and the duty of each of us is to fulfill our obligations at the highest level", Chairman of the Majilis Nurlan Nigmatulin has said.

Summing up the results of activity of the first session of the VI convocation of the Parliament, the Speaker of the lower chamber has thanked the deputies and mass media for their work.

"I want to express my deep gratitude to all my colleagues in the Senate and Majilis for the fruitful cooperation and on behalf of the deputies I thank the members of the staff of two chambers for the quality supporting of our work. Also I would like to thank the media representatives for their cooperation in our work during this period", he has concluded.

Anara Tanyrkulova