State Program Information Kazakhstan 2020

"Government for Citizens" upgrades front offices for public services

The State Corporation "Government for Citizens" is working on the modernization of front-offices for the public services. Each office introduced a single information system for public services rendered by the corporation, barrier-free service, electronic queue, as well as the connection to the Situation Centre, which enables real-time control of the delivery mode.
Kazakhstan 22 June, 17:32

The state corporation has completed two modernization stages, as a result 120 unified front offices in towns and rural district level were provided. Now citizens can receive a full range of services provided by the state corporation in one place.

According to the deputy chairman of the "Government for Citizens" Nurbek Orshubekov, optimization is conducted by merging the front offices located in the immediate vicinity.

"Optimization of the offices will allow citizens to receive government services in one place, to reduce significantly the cost of maintenance and rental of premises. Employees of state-owned corporation will be distributed to the front office, taking into account the load",- he says.

According to the state-owned corporation, the state corporation continues to work on the modernization public services.