Zhambyl rgn builds plant for production of veterinary drugs

A plant for the production of veterinary drugs will appear in Zhambyl region. The company will produce and sell vaccines for animals according to the GMP and GLP standards for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases.
Zhambyl22 June , 09:17

According to Governor's office of the region, the demand for construction of the biofactory appeared long ago. The construction of the biofactory in Kordai district is carried out by “BioVetKZ”. The project costs 2 billion tenge.

"The company plans to expand its vaccine production to 11 species. In the first year the plant will produce 25 million doses, and in subsequent years, almost 3 times more", the message reads.

In the future, the company plans to expand the markets and provide Central Asia, China and Turkey.

The construction of the new facility is scheduled for completion next year.