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Sharipov: All conditions for development of all ethnic and cultural centers created in Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

Kazakhstan has created all conditions for the development of all ethnic and cultural centers, deputy chairman of the Uzbek ethnic and cultural center of Astana Khassan Sharipov said to
Nur-Sultan 21 June, 15:03

"Thanks to the wise policy of President Nursultan Nazarbayev Kazakhstan has created all conditions, where each ethno-cultural center, each nationality has the right to preserve their language, culture and customs. We can demonstrate their traditions and customs in various public holidays, the country creates all possibilities for this", he said.

However, Sharipov noted that the Uzbek and Kazakh peoples are brotherly peoples for centuries, there are a lot of similarities in the traditions and customs, about 30-50% of Kazakh customs are similar to the Uzbek traditions.

"Our ancestors and forefathers had always said that we were grateful for the hospitality of the Kazakh people, today 530 thousand Uzbeks live in Kazakhstan", he added.

Indira Kaumetova

Video by Azamat Aliyev