2 projects implemented in Akmola region within SPIID

In Akmola region, there is a positive trend in all sectors of the economy. This was reported by Head of the economy and budget planning department B.Malgazharov during the conference on the results of social and economic development of the region for 8 months of this year.
Akmola26 September , 17:58

According to him, a special growth is noted in the production of food products, the IFO of which was 117%.

As reported in the Governor’s Office of Akmola region, within the framework of SPIID, two projects for the amount of 1.6 billion tenge were implemented, 190 jobs were created.

Thus, in the Tselinograd district in "SAMHAT" LLP a line for the production of casual shoes with a capacity of 500 thousand pairs of shoes was launched. And in Stepnogorsk, “Invest-RT” LLP put into operation a gold recovery plant for the processing of mineral raw materials. The capacity of the plant is 108 thousand tons. Also, 5 projects for the amount of 93.7 billion tenge are being implemented, with the creation of 929 new permanent jobs.

"In 2017, 8.9 billion tenge was allocated to implement the development of the water supply and sanitation system. The funds are directed to the construction of 10 and the reconstruction of 18 establishments, the development of design estimates for 12 projects, for the maintenance of 2 establishments and for prospecting and exploration", B.Malgazharov said.

After the report on the results of 8 months of social and economic development, Governor of the region Malik Murzalin gave a number of instructions to the departments of industry and entrepreneurship, agriculture, Governors of districts and Mayors of cities to ensure industrial production growth by the end of this year.

In addition, the Governor of the region instructed to timely complete the harvesting of oilseeds, to ensure the loading of fattening grounds and production facilities for processing agricultural products and to introduce investment projects within the food belt around of Astana as planned, and to ensure timely implementation of the budget.