Development of infrastructure

26 social establishments to open in Kyzylorda rgn

The construction of 54 social establishments is carrying on at the moment, the Governor’s Office of Kyzylorda region informed.
Kyzylorda12 July , 14:47

26 establishments are planned to open by the end of the year. The construction of the other 28 establishments are planned to carry out in the next year. According to the results of six months of the present year the nine establishments were opened. The construction of the ten establishments are planned to finish by August, the five establishments by October as well as the two establishments by December.   

According to the Governor’s Office, the construction works of all establishments are conducted according to the approved schedule and will be finished by the submitted term

Besides, within the framework of the program “Nurly Zher” 5,5 billion tenge from the republican budget was allocated to the housing construction and to the development of the system of the engineering and communication infrastructure. The construction of 41 apartment houses with a total area of 141,3 thousand square meters is carrying on.

600 million tenge was allocated to build 10 social establishments in the six populating areas in this year.

We note, that 23,1 billion tenge was allocated to the construction of the establishments for different purposes from all financing sources of Kyzylorda region.