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250K sq.m of road surface to be repaired in Almaty

In Almaty it is planned to repair 250 thousand square meters of road surface, the Mayor’s Office reported.
Almaty city12 May , 16:12

This year in Almaty it is planned to repair 250 thousand square meters of road pavement, to equip and repair 97 thousand square meters of sidewalks and 130 stopping points. In addition, it is reported that the city carried out maintenance repair of 43.2 thousand square meters of the roadway.

7 billion tenge was allocated from the local budget for road-repair work, including 1 billion tenge for current repair, 500 million tenge for repair of sidewalks and stopping points, and 5.5 billion tenge for medium repair.

Currently, four contract organizations with 20 brigades are involved in the elimination of identified defects on the city's roads. As it was reported in the department of passenger transport and highways of Almaty, 12 main and 23 streets of regional significance with the length of 31.27 km have been repaired. For the average repair of 19 more streets with a length of 30.75 km, a competition was announced.

According to the Mayor’s Office, in the nearest future capital repairs of Baytursynov Street will start - from Timiryazev Street to Abay Ave. In addition to the overhaul of this site, the installation of bike lanes will be organized within the framework of the Sustainable Transport of Almaty program on urban bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure planning. Major repairs of Zhandosov Streer from Sain Street to the village of Tausamaly with a length of 2.08 km are under way. The project provides for the widening of the roadway to 4 lanes, the reconstruction of the bridge across Kargaly River, the arrangement of bicycle paths with the length of 2 km and sidewalks of 4 km.

It should be noted that this year it is also planned to build 14.7 km of irrigation networks for the amount of 574 million, reconstruction of 42.2 km of irrigation networks in 57 streets. In addition, from the district Mayor’s Offices of the city, applications were received for the development of design estimates for the construction of new irrigation networks and storm drains along 488 streets with the length of almost 500 km.