Dzhakupov: G-Global – major platform for option of global items

Majilisman of Kazakhstan Kabibulla Dzhakupov appeared on the 132nd Assembly of the Inter-parliamentary Union in Hanoi (Vietnam) within the general debate on a subject: "Purposes of a sustainable development: from something in mind to something in kind", the press service of the Majilis reports.
World30 March , 15:08

As the Majilisman noted, relevance of the main subject of the Assembly is obvious in the light of new geopolitical and economic challenges.

K. Dzhakupov told about a contribution of Kazakhstan to realization of the tasks aimed at providing of a sustainable development of the world community.

In particular, they talked of the partnership program "Green Bridge" initiated by the President of Kazakhstan supported at "Rio+20" conference by all member states of the UN, the Concept of transition to "green economy", and also to the international exhibition in Astana "EXPO-2017".

According to the deputy, all international community has to be involved in process of realization of the Purposes of that program after 2015.

We are ready to suggest using the international communicative platform of G-Global at the Astana economic forum. It was created to unite world minds for discussion of global issues. To achieve the objectives of a sustainable development, we need to widen format of global dialogue, than the existing G-7 or G-20. And, communicative G-Global platform can become the generator of solutions of topical global issues", K. Dzhakupov noted.

According to K. Dzhakupov, acceptance of the concept of the World anti-crisis plan for UN member states within the Astana economic forum became breakthrough.

It should be mentioned, that the purposes of a sustainable development is the universal program and a sustainable development for the next 15 years will come into force on January 1, 2016. The package includes 17 purposes and 169 tasks. All structure integrates 3 basic elements of a sustainable development: social, economic and ecological.

Also, the issues of cyberwar, formation of a new control system of water resources, international law has been discussed at the 132nd Assembly.