Businessmen of Astana told about innovations in land relations

The representatives of state agencies told businessmen about significant innovations of this and next year. The entrepreneurs posed the vital questions at a meeting within "Kasipkerlyk Sagat" project in capital Chamber of Entrepreneurs. There were representatives of the Department of Architecture and Town Planning, the Department of the Land matters, and also the Department of Emergency Situations.
Nur-Sultan27 March , 15:48

"Kasipkerlyk sagat" gave a great opportunity to ask urgent questions to the representatives of local executive bodies directly. "Entrepreneurs especially were interested in certification of fire safety, administrative punishments for non-compliance with established norms, and also complexity with allocation of the land plots in the capital. As for architecture and town planning the parties completed an agreement on the accelerated consideration of businessmen's requests", the message reads.

Besides, the government agents explained to businessmen of the right and a duty, and told about other important additions and changes of legislation.

Summing up, the state agencies showed to businessmen the readiness to assist in the solution of issues. An important role of Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Astana was noted.