Subsistence minimum in E Kazakhstan increased by 1.3%

The subsistence minimum in East Kazakhstan region in average per capita has amounted to 18,990 tenge per month in February 2015, which is 1.3% more than in December 2014, according to the Department of Statistics of the region.
East Kazakhstan26 March , 18:21

The food basket includes 43 names of main food products: meat, fish, dairy, fat and oil products, bread, fruit and vegetables, eggs, sugar, tea and spices.

The cost of the minimum food basket is calculated by multiplying the minimum standards of consumption of basic food products in the average per capita (as well as for different age and gender and social and demographic groups) at the average price of registration of representative objects and retail outlets.

The minimum consumer basket consists of food basket (60% of the subsistence minimum) and expenditure on non-food goods and services (40%).