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Military men of AF congratulated veteran defender (PHOTO)

The military men of Armed Forces of Kazakhstan congratulated veteran of the GPW, defender of Leningrad Isagali Topatayev on the 96th anniversary in Semey, the Defence Ministry reported.
East Kazakhstan 26 March, 14:53

This week veteran, owner of Red Star award, "The honourable resident of Leningrad" rank, Isagali Imankulovich Topatayev has reached the age of 96. The military men of AF of RK and Chief of military police of Semey regional garrison - colonel Bekzhan Zhakypov, and the Deputy Chief on educational and socio-legal work -  major Darkhan Shayanbayev came to congratulate him on Birthday and on Nauryz.

They presented to aksakal mementoes, wished good health, long years of life and thanked him for the heroism.

Isagali Topatayev was awarded the order Red Star only 11 years later after the war.

It should be noted that all veterans and participants of the GPW always get support and the attention. In the Year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory the military men prepare a large number of social campaigns, mementoes and the traditional patronage help.