6K countrymen consulted on participation in 'Employment Roadmap 2020' Program

Mobile groups composed of employees of the department of employment and social programs, employment departments , territorial departments of the Committee of Labor, Social Protection and Migration under the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Kazakhstan, staff of the employment centers work in Kazakhstan since March 16 to raise awareness concerning participation in the program "Employment Roadmap 2020" and the project "Orleu.”
Kazakhstan25 March , 10:53

As a result 5 thousand 900 people including  unemployed, unproductive self-employed, low-income persons, of which about two thousand people from  the South Kazakhstan region covered  by  the campaign.

Persons who have finished vocational guidance and determined the direction for  participation in the programs have to prepare the necessary documents. Then the staff of employment centers will directly assist citizens in employment.

To date, mobile teams visited 32 villages throughout the country. The work of groups will lasts till April 15.

In general, 178 mobile teams composed of 441 personnel formed in Kazakhstan.

It is planned to cover 404 residents of villages in the 191 areas with the  high  level of the  unemployment, unproductive self-employed, low-income persons, as well as the low rate of participation in Employment Roadmap 2020.