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Nazarbayev: 2015 -strength test for EAEU

“The 2015 year will be a year of strength test for the EAEU,” Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said on the sidelines of the trilateral meeting of the Presidents of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus of in Akorda today.
Nur-Sultan20 March , 16:43

The President of Kazakhstan suggested discussing the current situation, including the ongoing crisis in the three countries.

“The current crisis has been brought about by a sharp drop in energy prices. As a result the trade in the EAEU shrank. We predicted such risks. Our goal today is to discuss the matters and reach agreements. The year 2015 is a big risk and challenge for the EAEU,” Nazarbayev stated. 

According to head of State, the leaders of the three states will share opinions on the recent developments in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia that affect both Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhstan's Presidet emphasized the heads of the three countries have many meetings ahead. In particular, the heads of state are expected to meet in Moscow on 9 May to mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory and in Kazakhstan at the CIS summit in autumn 2015.