"KazAgro" plans to increase number of participants of Credit partnerships

The system of Credit partnerships in Kazakhstan unites more than 10 thousand farmers, but in the near future the number of participants can be increased by 50 thousand, according to KazAgro.
Kazakhstan25 March , 12:14

Continuing the theme of funding of Credit partnerships Chairman of the Board “KazAgro” National Holding Dauren Makhazhanov noted that this association is a 100% private financial institution, where the owners and founders are the farmers themselves, and in his opinion, it is wrong, if the institution will depend only on one source of funding.

"We pursue aim that the Credit partnerships will become full-fledged market’s player, and we are confident that if it will shape the development and pull it to the international standards, the CP will be very attractive to the banks. That’s why it ‘s necessary to be afraid that the Agricultural Credit Corporation will cease funding, etc., on the contrary, you will have a lot of new sources of funding. But we must come together to this, we have to prove that CP in terms of risk management in terms of tracking target use is working properly. If we can build such fundamental things, and foreign creditors, and they are willing to lend without collateral such associations will be of interest to Kazakhstan CP", Dauren Makhazhanov said.