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Akmeshit folk ensemble goes on tour in Turkey

The "Akmeshit" folklore ensemble of Kyzylorda region went on tour to Turkey on the threshold of the Nauryz Holiday, the regional administration reported.
Kyzylorda20 March , 20:21

The ensemble will make a guest appearance in Istanbul, Ankara,Adana and others.

According to the Governor’s Office the folklore ensemble "Akmeshit" under the leadership of the winner of international competitions Abylaikhan Skakov was created in 2009 when the regional philharmonic society in order to promote the musical heritage of the Aral Sea region. Currently, there are 12 professional musicians.

For the contribution to the development of folk art and a high level of executive skills, team awarded a letter of thanks from the head of the region.

Also, in 2014 to promote the musical heritage of the Aral Sea area musicians took part in the annual festival in commemoration of Nowruz celebration among the Turkic-speaking countries and awarded a special diploma of the international organization "TURKSOY".