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II Forum of Political Scientists holds in Astana

Today Astana hosts the II Forum of Political Scientists "Presidential elections - 2015: new stage in development of country". Over 120 delegates from all over Kazakhstan participate in the event.
Nur-Sultan20 March , 10:56

Forum’s participants discuss the value of the presidential elections as an essential factor of democratic rule of law, their role in the consolidation of the Kazakh society, and especially the election campaign in 2015. Expert community has estimated the presidential election in 2015 as a new momentum in the implementation of Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050" and the New Economic Policy "Nurly Zhol".

"It’s necessary to ensure voting turnout, because today a huge number of people is self-employed, there is an internal migration in the country, it is necessary to involve the population in the electoral process", President of "Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan", Chairman of the Republican Public Commission for control elections in Kazakhstan Nurlan Erimbetov said.

According to him, it is necessary to inform the public about the upcoming elections, that every citizen of Kazakhstan considers it his duty to come to the polls and vote. Make it clear that every vote is crucial to the fate and future of Kazakhstan.

Among the speakers of the event are the representatives of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, deputies of the Majilis, scientists, experts and political analysts.

The event is organized by the Republican public association "Congress of Political Scientists of Kazakhstan".

Indira Kaumetova