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Servicemen from Atyrau practice to perfection commander training

Regional Command "West" holds fees for commander training with the commanders of battalions (divisions) formations and units of the Regional Command "West", the Ministry of Defence reported.
Atyrau14 March , 15:56

The aims of the fees are to give knowledge to the commanders of battalion (division) in core subjects of commander training, to improve their knowledge and practical skills in tactical exercises and tactical letuchek, explore, summarize and incorporate best practices in teaching and education officers.

According to the Ministry of Defense. charges held on the basis of the military unit 51051 Atyrau. They are attended by commanders of battalions (divisions) in / h 25744, in / h 30238, in / h 66597 and separate motorized rifle brigade.

To carry out military training in the management of the daily operations of the troops: the organization of training, the essence of the process of military training and education, organization and management of service, as well as the structure and combat capabilities of some automation systems used in the armed forces of foreign armies.

In addition, questions have been worked out moral and psychological support teams in action, organization of work for the maintenance of law and order and military discipline, respect for the rights and guarantees of servicemen resistance training of personnel in terms of defense, mutual assistance, psychological stability, as well as work on the organization of the center of psychological care and activities of psychological rehabilitation of servicemen.

Servicemen are and tactical training. In a class of operational training were studied use of artillery in special operations, combat operations Artillery Brigade in blocking and destruction of illegal armed groups in the village, as well as the general provisions of the Defence teams, types of defense, etc.

The result will be to increase fees training and practical training of commanders of battalions (divisions) in the implementation of functional responsibilities and individual assessment of each battalion commander (division).