18k jobs to be created within implementation of investment projects in E.Kazakhstan

79 investment projects are included in the Business Support Map of East Kazakhstan region for the amount of over 967 billion tenge. According to the instruction of the President, the main emphasis is on developing the processing and manufacturing sectors of the economy. It is also important to create more than 18 thousand permanent jobs.
East Kazakhstan20 November , 09:54

As the Governor's Office of the region reported, it is planned to launch a full-cycle car plant and a technopark for the production of auto components next year in Ust-Kamenogorsk. The new plant will provide work for 4 thousand people. Among the projects, there is the Aktogay ore mining and processing plant, which became one of the largest industrial construction projects in Kazakhstan, where 1500 permanent jobs have already been created. In the region within 6.5 years, 45 projects have been introduced, the cost of which is over 574 billion tenge. Thus, one of the farms of the Zaisan district opened a mini meat factoryin May this year.

"The cost of the project is 150 million tenge. To date, work has begun on slaughtering large and small cattle. Until the end of the year, it is planned to slaughter cattle up to 300 animals or to master 98 per cent of the capacity. Of all the implemented projects for SPIID as of October 1 of this year, 35 projects reached the planned capacity with a load of 100%. 7 projects work with a load of 50-80 per cent", the Governor's Office informed.

Within the state program of industrial-innovative development until 2020, 34 projects will be implemented with a total investment of 393.4 billion tenge with the creation of 11.3 thousand new jobs.