Long-term project on restore of tigers and Przewalski’s horse to realize in Kazakhstan

Tigers and Przewalski’s horses will be reared in Kazakhstan. This work will take at least 20 years. Vice-President of the Thematic Council "Biodiversity", Ph.D., vice director of the Kazakhstan Association of Biodiversity Sergey Sklyarenko announced about it during the briefing in CCS.
Nur-Sultan27 November , 12:48

"In the direction of the biodiversity the Geographic Society provides a variety of work. The most ambitious project that is supported by the Geographic Society is the restoration of tiger in Kazakhstan. The project was initiated by the World Wildlife Fund and includes a number of tasks and the main of them is the restoration of the ecosystem where tiger inhabits. Without it we cannot speak about any tiger", S. Sklyarenko said.

However, according to him, the restoration of the ecosystem is a long-term task, so the project is timed on about 20 years, and the preparatory work can take not less than 5-7 years, and we can get the very no sooner than 2020-2021.

"Now we expect the support from the Government and first of all the program of restoration of tiger in Kazakhstan must be approved ", he said.

Along with this, the vice director of the Kazakhstan Association of Biodiversity announced that they develop another parallel project on restoration of Przewalski’s horse in Kazakhstan.

"If the last tigers were in Kazakhstan in 1947, the Przewalski's horse had disappeared more than 150 years ago, but with the horse a little bit easier, because all the necessary ecosystem for horses in Kazakhstan are available. It is necessary to choose the places for this species, choose the livestock and engage in avtivities. This work is also timed on 20 years. The support is expected from German zoos, from our Mongolian colleagues, we are confident that this project is required to be successful, moreover, the Ministry of Agriculture has already voiced its support ", S. Sklyarenko assured.

It’s necessary to include these animals in the list of rare and endangered species for the creation of the legal framework of animals’ restoration in Kazakhstan.

Indira Kaumetova