State Program of Development and Functioning of Languages

Mangilik Yel republican campaign’s fisrt stage held in Kazakhstan

The volunteers handed out brochures Fund in Russian and Kazakh languages in large malls and talked about the importance of learning the state language. Communicating with people, young people listened to the views, shared their experiences and, of course, valuable phrase books with phrases used in public places.
Kazakhstan29 August , 19:07

The youth initiative was saluted. According to a lot of people, the campaign is very useful.

It is nice the youth helps us to solve such a significant issue. I feel at home with Russian, Ukrainian and English languages, trying to learn Kazakh. A lot of us know  some words as every day they read them on the biiboards, hear  in the buses. As for the pamphlet it is a cool thing. It is a pity that a small, but comfortable, pocket-sized. Such capmaigns are to carried out permanently!" resident of Kokshetau city Alain Stepanenko expressed her opinion.

The second stage of the campaign is set to be held in Shymkent, Almaty, taraz, Kyzylorda, Taldykorgan and Semey cities.