Energy efficiency

Autonomous gas supply in Arshaly area to reduce thermal energy cost 1.5 times

A pilot project for the construction of autonomous gas supply is completing in Zhibek Zholy village of Arshaly area. The estimated cost of the project 1 878 500 000 tenge.
Akmola26 August , 18:05

Commissioning of the project will allow to connect more than 1,100 customers, including schools, kindergartens, office buildings, industrial facilities. 

"283.6 million tenge from of the national budget and  85.7 million tenge from the regional budget allocated as a mandatory co-financing this year for the completion of the investment project. Budget implementation as for August 1, 2014 is 194.1 thousand tenge. 

According to the approved time schedule, commissioning is carried out. Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year," the statement reads. 

This project will help to resolve the issue to ensure a permanent, stable and uninterrupted gas supply to Zhibek Zholy village, reduce household costs for thermal energy to 67%, that is more than 1.5 times.