NCE’s address to entrepreneurs of the country

Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan calls for business mobilization.
Nur-Sultan22 August , 18:28

“We know that during the years of independence, the Head of State has been implementing a consistent policy on development of entrepreneurship, creation in Kazakhstan the best business environment in the CIS. Only for the last year, on behalf of the President a series of unprecedented measures were taken to radically improve the business climate - a complete moratorium on inspections was introduced, 1 trillion tenge was allocated for long-term financing of investment projects, reform to reduce the number of state agencies was carried out, pressure press of law enforcement bodies was reduced,” he noted

"At the same time, we see that in developed countries well-known entrepreneurs, captains of business are involved in social campaigns, pose challenge to each other for participation in charity, make joint open calls for conflict resolution, that is, in general, take an active role in solving social and economic problems of their society. We are therefore convinced that Kazakh business, which is a result of the policy pursued by the President, we can say, the brainchild of the president should not remain silent at this crucial period, and must show its maturity and responsibility," the Deputy Chairman said. 

NCE proposes a format of short videos, for what we will open a special YouTube-channel and will cover these speeches.

"We will come to each district to determine specific problems of agricultural producers and food businesses. Based on the analysis, we will propose recommendations based on specifics of their region, identify opportunities to build new refining capacity or to launch existing ones," the speaker resumed.