E Kazakhstan named four members to Senate of Parliament

Regional Election Committee of East Kazakhstan region nominated four candidates to members of Senate of Kazakh Parliament.
East Kazakhstan18 August , 16:23

According to the timetable, the Central Election Commission is working on the preparation for the election of Senate members. Currently 4 candidates put forward: three are self-nominated, one - Sergey Plotnikov - nominated by representative bodies of the four areas,"  Deputy Head of Regional Election Commission Alexander Rukin informed in an exclusive interview to IA

“Three candidatures: Sergey Plotnikov, Vikot Krutovoy and Alexander Timoshenko registration is completed. The fourth one continues signatures’ gathering,” he added.

For reference: Sergei Plotnikov is acting member of the Senate, Victor Krutovoy and Alexander Timoshenko are directors of large enterprises.

Madina Nurbekova