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Inhabitants of Kazakhstan small villages will got access to the high-speed Internet by 2014

Inhabitants of Kazakhstan small villages will got access to high-speed Internet by 2014, the Minister of Transport and Communications Askar Zhumagaliyev said at the meeting with an asset of Almaty region, the press service of the Ministry of Transport and Communications reports.
Kazakhstan18 February , 00:00

"By 2014, it is planned to finish work on providing with broadband access to the Internet on the CDMA 450/EVDO technology of settlements where live 50 people and more, and also to introduce communication services of the fourth generation in all regional centers," the message read.
Besides, work on decrease in tariffs for cellular communication, to increase in speed at services the Internet, to increase of computer literacy of the population and increase in number of electronic state services will be continued.
The CDMA standard (Code Division Multiple Access) is digital, uses a strip of frequencies in the range of 450 MHz, has technology of multiple access with code division of channels. The cover zone of a base station of CDMA-450 in rural areas makes 25-35 kilometers. One such station is able to serve to 1,000 subscribers. The CDMA 450/EV-DO technology provides to subscribers access to services of a high-speed packet transmission of data irrespective of their location, within network action, and also in movement. It is a network with possibility of the organization not only a qualitative voice communication, but also Internet connection.