While financing industrial zones the emphasis will be laid on monotowns

In Kazakhstan, while financing industrial zones the emphasis will be laid on development small and monotowns according to priorities of regional policy, the vice-Minister of Regional Development of RK Serik Zhumangarin said.
Kazakhstan15 July , 00:00
"In the current year for financing of 5 industrial zones in 3 regions it is allocated 2.5 billion tenge … Financing of industrial zones we assume to carry out in full accordance with priorities of regional policy, emphasis we will place on small and monotowns with a high and average potential for economy diversification," Zhumangarin told.
Thus he noted that in a year are planned to finance about 5-7 industrial zones on a competitive basis.
According to mayor offices, creation of a number of zones in 12 regions is planned. Also, it was sounded that creation of private industrial zones is planned in the future.
It should be noted that according to the concept the operator of industrial zones it is planned to make SPK, that is management companies. 
At present the personnel question for providing with experts of the managing director of structure of the companies is studied.