• Government approves Kazakhstan’s 2020-24 socio-economic development forecast 27 August 2019 The reporting and statistical GDP figures for 2018 and the economic development for the 7 months of the present year, the renewed forecasts of world economic growth and tendencies on the global commodity markets have served as the underlying factors in determining a forecast of social and economic development of the country for 2020-24, Kazakh National Economy Minister Ruslan Dalenov reported this information at the Government meeting.
  • Government session: socio-economic development of Kazakhstan for 7 months of 2019 13 August 2019 For January-July this year, the GDP growth has been 4.2% compared last year's growth level. Positive growth has been seen in construction - by 11.5%, commerce - by 7.5%, transport - by 5.4%, manufacturing, including machine-building - by 17.7%, light industry - by 14.3%, ferrous-metals production - by 17.2%, oil refining - by 5.1%. Read the material below for more on the social and economic development of Kazakhstan.
  • Government session: Kazakh Agriculture Ministry briefs on livestock development 30 July 2019 With livestock being the mainstay of the Kazakh agriculture, gross livestock production has represented a 10.5% growth over the previous year, from 962.2 billion tenge to 1063.5 billion tenge during the first half-year of 2019, the Kazakh agriculture minister said.
  • Implementation of tasks given at expanded government session by Head of State in focus 23 July 2019 The Kazakh Government has approved an action plan to implement the tasks of the Head of State given at the 15 July 2019 expanded Government session. These tasks center on raising the wellbeing of the people and enhancing the economy.
  • Industrialization Map of Kazakhstan: over 120 projects to be implemented 10 July 2019 Kazakhstan has been undertaking the second five-year period of industrialization since 2015. Last year 102 projects worth 1.3 trillion tenge were launched as part of the Industrialization Map, thus over 13 thousand permanent jobs were created. What is the progress of today’s industrialization? Read more in the review by the
  • Kazakhstan seeks to join top 30 innovation ecosystems by 2025 25 June 2019 The Astana Hub International Technopark emerges as the national innovation ecosystem as experienced by Singapore, South Korea and Israel. In 2018-19 the Astana Hub’s IT startups attracted investments of around 29 billion tenge, while last year’s export of IT services totaled at 7.5 billion tenge, with the year-to-year growth rate of 150%. 261 startups underwent incubation, with the Technopark is at 100%. To know more about it, read the piece by the Information Agency.
  • Kazakhstan economy grows stable at 4% 11 June 2019 Based on the five months of this year, a positive trend in GDP retains, with GDP up by 4% and annual inflation of 5.3%, which is within the inflation corridor of 4.6%. The investment level outpaced the GDP growth, with the growth accelerated to 7.8%, up from 6.7% in the four months of this year.